União Nacional dos Escuteiros de Timor-Leste (UNE-TL) (Scout Association of Timor-Leste) as Scout movement in Timor-Leste would like to make public announcement to Timorese specially the young and adults who are involved in the Scouting, their parents, Scout leaders, the UNE-TL donors & partners, to Government who have been supporting UNE-TL. 

We are proud to inform to public that UNE-TL as NSO (National Scout Organization) at country level has been officially accepted as 165th member of WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement).

For this reason, UNE-TL delegation is participating the 41st World Scout Conference (WSC) which be held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 14-19 August 2017. During the WSC2017, Timor-Leste flag will be displayed and National Anthem will be played for the first time. The purpose of the WSC is amongst other crucial issue are to elect new WOSM Committee for the next four years, adoption of formal regulation and also formal recognition of new WOSM membership. With the status of full membership of by WOSM, UNE-TL has been contacted by the Scouting from other region to actively participating in votes for any resolution including the candidacy for board and committees.

Prior to the WSC, there will be World Scout Youth Forum a week earlier from 6-12 August 2017 in the same venue. As youth organization, UNE-TL is represented by the head of National Council of Scout Rovers Mr. Octaviano Borges.

Delegation of UNE-TL are composed of the UNE-TL National Council members and representative of Government, details list are as follows:

1. Idelta Maria Rodrigues : Chairwomen of UNE-TL
2. João Carlos Sarmento : Vice Chairwomen
3. Angelino Melo da Costa : National Commissioner for Adults
4. Filomena Barros dos Reis : National Commissioner for International 
5. Soekarno Fernandes : National Commissioner for Youth and Education
6. Ulderico Ze Machado : National Commissioner Public Relations
7. Isolino Vaz de Alegria : Executive Director of the UNE-TL Secretariat
8. Efrem Soares dos Anjos : Journalist and Media Officer of UNE-TL 
9. Octaviano das Neves Borges : Head of the National Council for scout Rovers
10. Nelia Soares Menezes : Chief Cabinet of the Secretary State for Youth & Sport

Delegation will depart to Baku, Azerbaijan on the 11-Aug-2017 until 22-Aug-2017.

While taking part at the WSC2017, UNE-TL delegation will take opportunity to engaged with Scouting from the Portuguese Speaking Countries and discuss the “Declaration of Lusofono” which was signed in Japan 2015 during the 22nd World Scout Jamboree.

UNE-TL will also demonstrate to other Scout from other NSO around the world that the existence of the Scout Movement in Timor-Leste, young people will improve their ability and knowledge, peace and tranquility and prepare to become a good leader for future based on the Mission and Vision that is orchestrated on the Strategic Plans 2030.

UNE-TL and its Structure from national to Municipal level would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to the cooperation from the Government, specially to the Prime Minister, Minister of Strategic Planning & Investment, Ministry of Tourism, Secretary of State for the Art & Culture, Secretary of State for Youth & Sport, developments partners who has been continuously support UNE-TL for the progress achieved these far including the successful application for the WOSM membership.


For more Information:
Please contact Mr. Rico PH: 77236456 or Secretariat UNE-TL: PH: 77238694.


Dili, August 10, 2017